jueves, 29 de mayo de 2008

advantages and disadvantages of mass media

Nowadays, people that not have access to mass media are people who don´t know many things about the world but what are the advantages and disadvantages of mass media and how mass media affects the human life.

To begin with, mass media inform us about the events that happen in our country and around the world too For example, we are in Bogotá, but thanks to mass media we can to know about the political or social events of Asia and Europe as the result, statistics show that approximately 15% of the population receive information only from mass media many people spend the day reading newspaper and magazines to see the events around the politic, the healthy, education, etc

Furthermore another advantage of mass media is that many people can communicate with their families or with their friends Actually, people travel around the world and by this reason they need a good way in order to not lose the contact with their families in their native country, The studies reveal that approximately 95% of the population use electronic devices for their communication for example: mobile phones, telephones, computers, etc.

Mass media have some disadvantages for example cannot be real information because some newspapers manipulate the information in some cases, furthermore in some cases people break their familiar bows break the communication bows and people put in risk the familiar union, the statistics show us that 80% of young people pass approximately 6 hours in the computer or listen music in their iPods As the result young people forget the familiar events, the familiar dialog because the electronic devices occupy all of their time because t forget the exterior world

Finally in my opinion I believe that the mass media is important for individual and social development nevertheless each person should make an appropriate use about the information that receive and about electronic devices that take part.

writting by kelly martinez

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